Dobrodošli na spletni strani OSNOVNE ŠOLE TONETA ČUFARJA


The Tone Čufar Primary School was built in September 1961 and is named after the Slovene author and warrior, Tone Čufar (1905 – 1942).

Nowadays, the lessons take place in one shift, for pupils from first to ninth class, in 18 divisions. Pupils from first to fifth class have their lessons in ten classrooms, while those from sixth to ninth have lessons in ten specialized classrooms for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Information and Computer Technology, Technology, Home Economics, Foreign Languages, Arts and Music.

Physical Education lessons take part in the small gym with a climbing wall and in the big gym which has been recently renewed. There are also three outdoor sports fields for the purposes of PE; these are for handball, basketball and asphalt playground in the park. Playground equipment in the back school yard enables the youngest to play during lessons and in time of after-school activities. There is a well-stocked library at school, and this is also a place where a lot of pupils spend their time before and after lessons. Several rooms in the basement are transformed into a kitchen with utilities to dispense food and with a big and small dining room.

In the school, special attention is given to the promotion of health, especially to active life as a healthy life choice and to the prevention of violence among the young. We take part in the international project Fit Slovenija whose main goal is for pupils to develop into healthy, independent and positive individuals, through sports actvities and games. As far as project EKO Šola (Eco School) goes, the school takes great interest in ecology problematics and is looking for ways to make the young become aware of the importance of the care for the enviroment. We also take part in the European network of healthy schools where we encourage the healthy lifestyle and organize various prevention programmes.

Located in the centre of Ljubljana, the school actively cooperates with The National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, faculties and with primary and secondary schools in Ljubljana and beyond.


  • - to enable high quality of education,
  •   goal: ensuring a high level of knowledge by continuous learning of new teaching methods and techniques;

  • - to include in projects concerning healthy lifestyle,
  •   goal: enabling the pupils to be active and to develop the need of a healthy lifestyle;

  • - to take active part in projects that enable higher quality of education process,
  •   goal: choosing such projects that will result in higher motivation in students and better efficiency of education process;

  • - to carry out a quality performance of various days of activities outside the classroom;
  •   goal: carefully planning such activities so they are as interesting as possible for pupils and not a great financial burden for pupils' parents;

  • - to work systematically with pupils with special talents,
  •   goal: ensuring the contents for lessons are suitable and attractive for talented pupils, including research assignments;

  • - to ensure varied lessons of faculty subjects,
  •   goal: ensuring the conditions to carry out such subjects as well as qualified teachers, offering subjects that follow pupils' interests;

  • - to ensure varied activities of interest,
  •   goal: following pupils' needs, organizing language activities for the youngest ones;

  • - to encourage communication among teachers and students and to develop teamwork among pupils,
  •   goal: using such methods in the classroom that encourage team cooperation and getting pupils used to an honest and constructive teacher-pupil  
  •   dialogue;

  • - to cooperate with Curricular and Extracurricular Activities Centre with organization of days of activities and open-air school,
  •   goal: carrying out the swimming lessons under the Department for Sport of Municipality of Ljubljana while other activitites are the Curricular and 
  •   Extracurricular Activities Centre's domain;

  • to cooperate with pupils' parents and the school's surrounding area when organizing different activities,
  •   goal: carrying out the school's programmes with the help of opportunities that rise from the school's immediate surroundings and parents' varied 
  •   workplaces;

  • - to connect with other schools, members of the EU, in joined projects,
  •   goal: getting connected with other schools through international projects, getting to know the cultural and other varieties of nations;

  • - to improve spaces and rooms in the school and to enable better working conditions,
  •   goal: renovating as many classrooms as possible and equipping them with modern interactive devices and other modern equipment;

  • - to update and buy new teaching means,
  •   goal: updating and maintaining the computer technology regularly, following the development of AV-means and modern didactic materials.                            


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